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There is no greater disappointment, and no greater cause of inner-failure, and no greater sorrow than creating something with all of your heart...only to feel as though it has been ignored.






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antici....pation by UnicornReality

So I'm this short nerdy slug who dreams big dreams and has high hopes and walks-it-up and talks-it-up like I'm seven feet tall.

You can call me Willie or Em. Either is peachy.

For your general information:

♪ I try not to fav-and-run. However, I am a full time student with a job as a pet care specialist, so the time I can devote to this site is limited. If I have favorited a piece of yours and you would like to know WHY, just tell me so. Literally all you have to put is WHY in my comment box and I will remember you from your artwork and get back to you when I have a minute.

♪ I have a CRAZY schedule (see above). I try to thank for favorites or give llama badges because they DO mean a lot to me. But when I have too much life to take care of, they get out of hand and I don't always get to everyone. But please know that I am grateful, always.

♪ No need to thank me for llamas, I give them as thanks or because I like to. Whether you give one back or not is up to you.

♪ Don't be shy! I don't bite; I am but a lowly carpenter bee and I do not have teeth.

♪ I DON'T LIKE blatant disregard for proofreading or grammar! Sorry, but if your piece is riddled with overt typos and grammar errors, and if it is obvious you purposefully didn't take the time look through your work at least once before you put it up, I will abandon ship. Take into account that I can tell the difference between a slip and an 'I don't care it's not that important' error. So if the first sentence of your piece has typo, well, I'll let you figure that out.

Always , always, always, always be nice. If you aren't, I will astound you with my prize-winning, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping ability to ignore you.

I love sweet, kind, lovely people a lot and if you're one of those and we get to talking don't freak out because I'm calling you:
♪ hunnybun ♪ hunbun ♪ dear ♪ m'dear ♪ love ♪ lovely ♪ sweetie ♪
It's an act of habit and I won't fix it.


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Really, do it.


Featured by DLD by IrrevocableFate

Wicker Chronicles    When the pastry shop opened up next door, well, that’s what did it. The Cakers left a box of iced strudels on the porch as a neighborly gift and, to Mr. Wicker—the world’s most devoted hater of sweet things—it was a call for war. While I sat on a stool eating the cherry-centered strudel of the bunch, he put together a concoction of his strangest ingredients and packed it all into a reeking glass bottle. I was munching on the lemon-centered strudel and watching from the attic when he threw the bottle in their open window and absconded indoors.
            The more righteous people in town were always ashamed that a curse-maker lived in the city limits and sold his ill-will to others. When I do the shopping every week, at least one of them asks me if Wicker’s gone broke yet and I tell them straight-faced that he most certainly hasn’t, because whether they like it or not lots
~ RebootI punched a kid twice in fifth grade for trying to see up Gemini Hetherington’s skirt when her twin brother was home sick. The Hetheringtons could get away with things like that if they ever lifted a fist in the first place, but for a Holthausen it was like a criminal offense, and all of the better-neighborhood parents gasped at the news and wondered what went wrong in my development. I sat in the car while the principal spoke to my dad about it. Through the window I heard him warn that I would no sooner be punching Walt Burtons in elementary than pulling a knife on a man for his wallet in adulthood, and that immediate correction was necessary unless he wanted me to wind up in jail with the rest of the scum of Airedale.
While my dad tried to calm the principal down, Gemini Hetherington tiptoed up to the window when her nanny was distracted. At first she signed ‘thank you’ to me through the window.  She breathed on the glass and drew a heart on the foggy circle. T

Thank you! ; U ; What a tremendous honor!
I'm pushing myself to work on anatomy right now and I've found that practicing and doing character portraits and poses traditionally works 10 billion times better for me than doing anything digitally. I'm tired of myself and tired of my cheap poses and tired of my limited scope and motionless, flat, colorless drawings, and I'm tired of being afraid to color or place a line, and I'm tired of feeling tiny and unimportant against artists who are far ahead of the game and whose lines and colors come naturally and not doing anything about it. So I purchased a stack of some highly recommended art books which I've grown very fond of, and am working through them with a pencil in-hand.

You know, the #1 question I get when I meet people who know I draw is, "Do you take art? No? Well you should!" Which seems like an odd thing to suggest in retrospect, even though I know they meant 'you'd be good at it' by it.
But I don't want to join one. For some reason keeping to myself comforts me more than going and taking it from the horse's mouth (bless you Aldous Huxley).

I'm opposite in art what I am in writing. In writing, I LOVE to examine and interpret the work of writers who are more skilled than me, along with those on my level and those just beginning; I feel like that roundabout inspection completes me, and inspires me to work hard and give great advice so that others may do the same. I'm usually positive, even though I do have bad weeks, I always have some glimpse of a breakthrough horizon somewhere.

HOWEVER when it comes to art, and I'm surrounded by others for whom lines and form come as a breeze and color use is natural without study, whose middle names would be better off as 'prodigy', or even those who create art freely and without abandon, nevermind happy accidents or failures, I become bitter and self-loathing to such a degree that I put my sketchbook in the closet and my tablet in its case and vow to abandon art because anything I draw isn't worth it. It's like some kind of claustrophobia. I just go home working depressed and nothing gets better. There is no horizon at that point. And I won't try to press anything out because I don't want to fail. Ugh. This all probably sounds SUPER mature but in a certain respect I DO get jealous because I LOVE succeeding, and when I can't succeed to my own (ridiculously and painfully high standards) I tend to tear myself apart.

I digress. Instead of an art class, I'm indulging in beautiful art books and I love them. The manner of teaching is gentle and wide-scoped, I can swarm myself with music and appreciate frozen talent from the page with reason and rhyme behind it and step-by-step's relaxing. I have one on the way about concept art, and I'm really excited to get into that one because the detail and process is just gorgeous.

So I'll do my writing diddles here and my longer works on the side (not posting continued work on here anymore, sorry) and fiddle with art at home, and someday I'll return here with art when I've deemed it acceptable. WRITING SIDE OF DEVIANTART AHOY!

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